Why is it worth to toilet train your cat? 

Toilet trained cat means a lot of advantages:

 No more litter! Save money!
Every cat requires us to regularly purchase cat litter, which costs us even hundreds of Euros per year. Training your cat with WCkitty brings significant savings to your family budget! 
Cats using regular litter box can often be really messy. Germs from the litter box get on cat’s paws, which which the cat transfers to our furniture, tables and into our beds. WCkitty reduces the amount of litter used in your home to zero, which means less mess and less germs that can be harmful to humans.

 Cat health!
Owning multiple cats often means making them share one litter box, what often causes animals to share the same parasites, bacteria and viruses. Toilet trained cats have no contact with their feaces!
 No more mess!
How often do you have to clean the litter box? Maybe you own more than one? After training your cat to use the WC, you will not have to clean any litter boxes ever again!

An avreage cat uses hundreds of kg of litter every year. This means a lot of waste. Training your cat with WCkitty supports ecology and waste reduction!

Thanks to WCkitty training kit you will pay more attention to your cat’s behaviour. You’ll learn more about its abilities and nature. The training itself can be be a lot of fun! 


Terms and conditions

  Now only € 34,99 for a limited time!

  • Fits all toilets, even square ones!
  • For all cats 3 months of age and up!
  • Older cats can be trained as well!
  • Very comfortable - removable from your toilet within a second!

  • Toilet trained cat = no more litter!
  • No more cleaning!
  • Multiple cats can be trained!
  • Reusable kit with exchangeable inserts!

  • Simple training in a few steps!
We ship to all 46 european countries